Internal discipline & Uniform

PDU Govt, Model College, Katlicherra is committed to maintain a high standard of internal discipline for creating a conducive academic environment. Therefore, the students are advised to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. All forms of ragging are strictly banned in this college. The college is committed to follow the anti-ragging rules laid down by UGC in letter and spirit. If any student is found involved or reported to be involved in ragging, directly or indirectly, exemplary punishment will be given (to him/he), which may include cancellation of admission from the college, and the matter may be reported to the police. All selected students will have to submit an anti-ragging undertaking in the prescribed format at the time of admission.
  2. Writing/sticking bills and posters on the walls, spitting and littering shall be treated as breach of discipline. Furthermore, any damage caused to college property (including furniture, doors and windows, library books, sports materials) must be compensated by the concerned student.
  3. Students must maintain the decorum of the classroom, examination hall and library.
  4. Use of Mobile Phones is strictly prohibited in the classroom and inside the college campus unless permitted by the concerned teacher/college authority.
  5. The students are expected to abide by all the rules and regulations of the college.
  6. Any violation of rules and regulations will invite strict disciplinary action such as cancellation of admission, forced transfer, non-issuing of college certificate or any other punishment deems fit by the college authority.

College Uniform

In the last academic session, we could not introduce the college uniform because of the frequent interruptions in offline classes by the Covid-19 pandemic. Proper dress code and uniform will be introduced from this academic session. The students are expected to attend college wearing full college uniform. Entry into the classroom will be allowed only when a student is in proper college uniform.