Courses and Programmes


Two-Years Higher Secondary Course is governed by the rules and regulations of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC). The course comprises of two academic years viz. i) First Year and ii) Second Year which is also called as Final Year. Admission to the HS course starts immediately after the announcement of HSLC Examination result by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA). The admission schedule is announced in accordance with the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council‟s notifications.

  1. Eligibility

    For seeking admission to the First Year of Higher Secondary Course, a candidate must have passed H.S.L.C. Examination of Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) or Secondary Examination of CBSE or other Boards examination recognised by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC). Candidates other than SEBA will have to produce Migration Certificate in due time, else their candidature will be cancelled.

    Admission in H.S. Course will be given strictly on the basis of merit, and Admission Committee will finalise the list of candidates for admission. There is a provision for reservation of seats for students belonging to SC, ST, OBC, MOBC, PWD, etc.

    Any break in studies after passing HSLC or equivalent examination must be supported by a „GAP‟ Certificate issued as per specified proforma by an appropriate authority.


    The course and curricula of H.S. are conducted as per the rules and regulations of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC). Students seeking admission in HS First Year will have three core subjects and can choose four elective subjects from the list given below, of which three elective subjects are mandatory, and the fourth elective is optional and will not carry any extra marks. As per Council‟s guidelines, marks of the best three elective subjects will be considered.

    Core Elective
    M.I.L. * (Bengali) /Alternative English
    1. Political Science
    2. Economics / Education
    General English
    1. History/Mathematics
    2. Advance Languages (Adv.Bengali)
    Environment Education Geography

    * A student who opted for the M.I.L. subject other than Bengali will have to take permission from the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC), Guwahati.

    N.B.: – Change of subject(s) after admission is not encouraged. However, in special circumstances, application for change of subject (s) is required to be made to the principal through the respective HoDs within one month from the date of admission. Application received thereafter will not be accepted.


    The Course comprises two examinations viz. i) First Year and ii) Second Year or Final Year. Promotion to Second Year or Final Year depends on the successful completion of the first￾ year examination conducted under the guidelines of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, Guwahati. The unsuccessful candidates in H.S. first year and H.S. second year may re-appear as per rules of AHSEC at the next final examination as non-collegiate candidate.

    Pattern of Annual / Final Examination

    General English 100 100
    M.I.L./ Alternative English 100 100
    Elective-I 100 100
    Elective II 100 100
    Elective III 100 100
    Environmental Education 50 ---
    Grand Total 505 500

    In addition to the examinations conducted by Council, for comprehensive study and to keep students involved with studies after completion of each unit/chapter respective subject teacher will assess the achievement of each student. Besides, there will be two Unit Tests, and the schedule for the same will be notified to the Notice Board by the Examination Cell.

Three Year Degree Programme Under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

  1. Degree Programme Offered

    The Three Year Degree Course (TDC) under CBCS in Arts offered by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Govt. Model College, Katlicherra, is affiliated to Assam University, Silchar, and as such, is governed by the rules and regulations of the University. The TDC course is divided into six semesters with internal examinations/assignments/seminars and an end semester examination in each semester. The University conducts all the semester examinations, and after satisfactory performances in all the semesters, a candidate will be awarded the final degree on the basis of a composite score of all the semesters.

  2. Programme of Study under CBCS

    The institution provides a three-year degree Couse (TDC) under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). The duration of TDC (CBCS) is three years, and each year consists of two semesters each of six months‟ duration. There are two programmes in TDC (CBCS) namely; TDC (CBCS) Honours and TDC (CBCS) General.

  3. Eligibility for Award of Degree in TDC (CBCS)

    A student registered under the TDC (CBCS) programme under Assam University may be eligible for the award of degree if he/she has successfully completed the six end semester examinations and fulfil all the credits. An eligible candidate, on successful completion of the TDC (CBCS) Honours programme by passing all the papers of the prescribed Courses as per the Course Structure with a minimum of 148 credits, may be awarded B.A. (Honours) degree. Those under TDC (CBCS) General programme may be awarded Bachelor‟s Degree in Arts (B.A.) on successful completion of the programme by passing all the papers of the prescribed courses as per the concerned Course Structure with a minimum of 132 credits.

  4. Number of Seats and Subjects Offered

    The total number of seats available for TDC Arts is 200 (two hundred). The following subjects are available in the Arts stream

    • Bengali
    • Economics
    • Education
    • English
    • Geography
    • History
    • Mathematics
    • Political Science

    The institution provides honours in the following subjects with the given intake capacity.

    Subject Intake Capacity
    English 20
    History 20
    Bengali 20
    Political Science
    Economics 20
    Education 20
    Geography 20
  5. Course Structure for TDC General Programme (1 Semester)

    1. A student has to choose one of the following Ability Enhancement Compulsory Papers (AECC -1): a) English Communication b) MIL (Bengali) Communication as (AECC -1)
    2. Students opting TDC General (CBCS) Arts will have to study the English Language as a compulsory subject.
    3. Discipline Specific Subject Students opting for General Course in TDC (CBCS) first semester Arts will have to study two discipline-specific subjects from the combination listed below as DSC-I and DSC-II.
      1. DSC-I (any one from the following subjects): English, Bengali, Economics, Education, Political Science, History, Mathematics, Geography
      2. DSC-II (any one of the following subjects other than the subject taken in DSC-I): English, Bengali, Economics, Education, Political Science, History, Mathematics, Geography

        Where DSC-I and DSC-II will be the Discipline Specific Core(s) (Different order of arrangement of subjects in the same combination is allowed) depending upon the choice of degree. The degree will be offered in „B.A. in X” if a student chooses a combination as X, Y (note that X is the first subject of combination). E.g. if he/she chooses a combination as Economics, Political Science, he/she will be offered as BA in Economics. Also, if a student chooses the order of combination as Political Science, History he/she will be offered as BA in Political Science etc.

        Note: The choice of subject in combination with Mathematics will be allowed for only Economics and Geography.

        Subjects available for opting TDC (CBCS) Honours Arts are:

        English, Bengali, Economics, Education, Political Science, History, Geography

        Where courses for TDC Honours will be AECC-1, CORE-1, CORE-2, and GE-1 (any one of the subjects of DSC-II).

        Note: Mathematics will be allowed only with Economics and Geography.

      3. Reservation of Seats

        As per the Government rules, some seats are kept reserved for SC/ST/OBC/MOBC/PWD/Sports/NCC/NSS/Cultural/Employees wards etc. All the reservation seats are filled subject to the submission of the document(s) to justify the claim in the respective reserved seat from a competent authority.

      4. Eligibility Criteria for Admission in TDC (CBCS) Arts

        For admission in TDC first semester Arts, the candidate must have passed H. S. Final Examination or its equivalent Examinations conducted by any recognised University/Board/Council, which shall be treated as qualifying examinations. A candidate is eligible to choose TDC (CBCS) Honours if he/she has a good academic record with not less than 50% marks in the concerned subject in the qualifying examination.

      5. TDC(CBCS) Honours Programme

        Course-wise distribution of the number of papers, credits and marks is shown below:

      6. TDC (CBCS) General Programme

        Course wise distribution of the numbers of papers credits and marks for BA

      7. Marking System and Course Structure

        Distribution of Full Marks and Pass Marks

        Credit and Marks distribution for general

      8. Guidelines on TDC (CBCS) Examination Details and Results

        Class Attendance

        Class Attendance Percentage of each subject in each semester shall be calculated on the basis of the total class attended percent number of classes held in the semester. A student with less than 75 % of attendance on an average of all the papers of the concerned semester shall not be allowed to appear in end semester examination, but the candidate can take admission in the next semester and appear in similar examinations if he/she has secured the passing marks in the previous semesters otherwise they have to reappear the Unit Test in the concerned paper along with the regular students. If the students secure passing marks in all the Unit Tests in the previous semesters, then CAA shall be carried on.

        Examination Details

        As mentioned above, the TDC programme is split into six semesters. In each semester, we have CAA and ESE [for full form, see Appendix-A], and the marks obtained in each paper of every semester is CAA+ESE. The marks obtained by the students in CAA is calculated by the marks he/she has obtained in 2 Unit Test/ Assignments/Seminar [Except AECC and SEC] and the marks in attendance.

        Important Notes for Examination

        • A paper of any course will be treated as “Arrear Paper” when a student “Failed (F) to pass”/ “Remained absent (AB)” in that paper of any ESE and in the Grade card such an Arrear Paper will be shown as “Yet to Pass: Paper Code”  A student with more than 5 (Five) arrear papers of all the previous semesters (First to Fourth) shall NOT be allowed to appear in the Sixth Semester ESE [This clause is applicable for all the students appearing in the 6 th
        • ESE].
        • A student with an Arrear Paper in any semester shall NOT be eligible for determining the Merit Position/ Ranking/ Gold Medallist.
        • A student who fails to score passing marks in theory papers of any ESE can apply for either Re-Check or Re-Evaluation
        • Re-Checking is applicable if the candidate has obtained the Grade(s) in the concern paper(s) above 3.5 but below 5.6. A student can apply a maximum of three theory papers for Re-checking of answer scripts. In Re-checking of marks, only posting and totalling of marks shall be checked.
        • e-evaluation of answer scripts of theory papers of any ESE may be allowed by the University only on the condition that the re-evaluated result shall be accepted by the student, even if the marks/ grade decreases after re-evaluation. A new Grade Card containing re-evaluated marks/ grades cancelling the earlier one shall be issued by the University.
        • Betterment Examination: A student may be allowed to appear in Betterment Examination in any 1 (One) theory paper per semester in which the student has secured Grade 4.00 and above. The option for betterment is applicable, and the student can appear the betterment examination at the immediate next similar ESE, that is First/Third/Fifth can appear in immediate ODD Semester and Second/Fourth/Sixth can appear in immediate EVEN Semester only on the condition that the Semester in which Betterment Examination is opted by the student to appear falls within the stipulated span of completion of his/ her programme of study, that is falls within 5 (Five) years at a stretch from the date of his/her admission. Betterment option is allowed to improve the result. A student is NOT allowed to opt for betterment examination if he/she has already appeared in the betterment for the same paper in the past. Any student migrated from Assam University shall NOT be allowed to opt for betterment examination in any paper. A student shall not be eligible for the award of Merit Position/Ranking/Gold Medallist if he/she appears in the betterment examination irrespective of the overall performance of the student. Interested students may apply for Betterment Examination in the prescribed format along with requisite fees and original copy of the Grade Card within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication of results of the concerned ESE to the Controller Of Examination through the Principal of college
        • Unfair-means in ESE: Rules/ Regulations/ Guidelines to be adopted under TDC (CBCS) programme of study to curb unfair means in the examination. A student found in such activities shall be considered under the Rules and Regulations of Assam University for the same and shall be applied accordingly.

        Dropping of Honours

        • A student shall NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE either from Honours Programme to General Programme and Vice Versa during the ongoing semester.
        • However, special provision is provided for the students of the first semester only with the consent of Principal of the college with the recommendation of concerned HoD(s). The change in subject/dropping honours is allowed once and such change is applicable before the submission of Registration Forms to University. The previous attendance in the subject to be changed is carried on and added to the class attendance of changed subject.
        • To drop Honours/change course/ subject for a registered student, he/she may have to get re-admitted in First Semester, subject to the availability of seats as per Rule 12 (in the AUS TDC CBCS REGULATIONS 2018) to continue with his/her studies in TDC (CBCS) programme of study.
        • A student who wants to make any change in the honours programme before the registration process must satisfy the eligibility criteria in terms of marks in the concerned subject.
        • No student shall be allowed to continue the Honours if he/she fails to attend the class for the first 15 days. However, special considerations may be allowed on the basis of death/medical issues subject to the submission of proper death/medical certificate and associated documents.